Brain Disorders

The Control Center of the Human Body
The brain is the control center of the human body. All basic human functions such as walking, talking, breathing, as well as cognition are controlled by the brain.

Brain disorders are conditions or disabilities that affect the brain’s ability to perform properly and are often caused by…

  • Illness
  • Genetics
  • Traumatic Injury

Risk factors vary for different types of brain disorders and can affect anyone.

Severe impact or damage to the brain can inhibit functions of daily life, therefore it is important to properly treat and diagnose any brain trauma or condition as quickly as possible.

All of our centers are trained to handle an array of brain injuries through Physical, Speech and Occupational Therapy.  Many of our centers are also equipped with secure units to help care for Dementia patients and others suffering from Neurodegenerative diseases.

At Orianna Health Systems, our centers are committed to caring for our patients’ needs and expectations with empathy, compassion, dignity and integrity. We apply a multi-disciplinary approach to reduce symptoms, increase participation in physical and social activities, and, if possible, discharge patients to their homes or to a lower level of care.


For more information on our centers, admissions and their full suite of services, contact Central Admissions at 864.688.3992.