Top 4 Senior Vaccines

Immunization Awareness Month
August 2017

National Immunization Awareness Month (NIAM) is observed in August to spread awareness and knowledge of the importanace of vaccinations for people of all ages. Vaccines help to prevent many serious, sometimes deadly diseases.

Recommended Immunizations for Seniors covered by Medicare:

Flu (Influenza)
The Flu is a contagious respiratory illness that can be life-threatening, especially for seniors.

Shingles (Zoster)
Shingles is a painful skin rash casued by the same virus as chickenpox. Weakening of the immune system as we get older can trigger the virus.

Pneumococcal (PCV13 & PPSV23)
Pneumococcal causes severe infections in the bloodsteam and organs which can result in  deafness, brain damage, loss of limbs or death.

Hepatitis B Vaccine
Hepatitis B is a contagious virus that infects the liver. Liver functions change as you age and can lower the resistance to infection.


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