Quality Of Life Programs

Our health care professionals and nursing staffs are dedicated to the care, well-being, and recovery of everyone for whom we care. Our quality assurance programs exist to assist staff in monitoring and evaluating the success of these programs.

And That's Entertainment

And That’s Entertainment

We want our patients to have the most home-like atmosphere possible. When friends and family visit, we want them to feel welcomed and comfortable. From the smell of buttery popcorn in the theater to the sound of laughter in the club room, our facilities are designed to provide all the comforts of home.

Movie Theater

Our theaters are reminiscent of days gone by…equipped with popcorn machines, special seating, and lighting designed to share a pastime with friends, families, and guests. We offer a selection of films and some theaters are also equipped with candy counters to enhance this experience.

Club Room

Our club rooms provide an opportunity for recreation, with options such as pool or game tables. These rooms welcome patients and provide a fun experience to enjoy with friends and family. We encourage all of our patients and guests to use our club rooms.

Children’s Corner

Children’s corners are set up with coloring books, toys, and other entertaining features so little ones can enjoy their time when visiting at our facilities.

Garden Room

Our garden rooms feature fountains, colorful greenery, and garden style seating, allowing patients to participate in the hobbies they enjoy in an outdoor-like atmosphere.

Speciality Shops / Bistro / Ice Cream Parlor

Our specialty shops, such as bistros and ice cream parlors, provide patients with a comfortable atmosphere and familiar experience to enjoy with their friends and family.

Quality of Life Amenities vary at each facility. Find a facility near you to learn more about available services.

Our Dining Experience

Fine Dining

Enjoy your meals of the day in our fine dining setting, where you can choose what your appetite desires from the selections we offer. Our fine dining programs are designed to simulate the home or restaurant style dining to which our patients are accustomed. Our goal is to create a true dining experience by home style, buffet, or menu ordering dining.

Private Dining

Take pleasure in our private dining room to entertain guests and loved ones for special occasions.

Quality of Life Amenities vary at each facility. Find a facility near you to learn more about available services.

Health & Beauty


The spas are meant to provide a pleasant and relaxing bathing experience, including soft music and a calming atmosphere. Spas feature a water fountain, comfortable seating, and colorful greenery.

Physician’s Office

Professional in appearance, physician offices are set up so that our patients can feel like they are visiting their doctors’ offices. The space reflects our appreciation of the physician involvement in the patient’s plan of care.


Our chapels offer patients, family members, guests, friends, and staff a comfortable, quiet place to worship, reflect, and pray.

Beauty Salon / Barber Services

Salons are set up to provide the atmosphere of a first class hair salon for a style and cut to your liking. Some salons offer manicures and pedicures and enhance the experience with relaxing music.

Quality of Life Amenities vary at each facility. Find a facility near you to learn more about available services.